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Scandinavian style Hina dolls [Small Hina dolls]

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Scandinavian style Hina dolls.
By using greige color,
The color scheme is easy to match with the interior and goes well with Scandinavian miscellaneous goods.
Hina dolls that you want to display all year round Hina dolls were used as substitute dolls in the past when it was difficult for children to grow up healthy.
Broken or chipped pieces are good things because they are substitutes for the disasters that may befall you.
Here at Michibaki Shrine ⛩, we pray for the growth of our children.

Also recommended for adult women.

Because it is small, you can place it in the entrance or living room to casually display it as a lucky charm.

On the shelf, there are small Hina dolls and a vase of flowers.
Providing a high-quality lifestyle.

Would you like to spend the Peach Festival in such a fashionable way?

We also have other patterns available.
Please take a look at various things.

We also have other patterns on sale.

It will be shipped in about 2 weeks.
According to the lunar calendar, March 3rd falls around April.
In some regions, the Peach Festival is held on April 3rd.

With a face, you can choose from eyes only, eyes and mouth, or no face.

The Western-style floral pattern allows it to blend naturally with Scandinavian goods and Western-style rooms.

Even though the flowers have a Western pattern, natural nuanced colors are used on the hakama, etc., giving a gentle impression.

This is a doll that you will want to display all year round.

We hope that you can gently display it among your usual interior goods and celebrate your child's growth while feeling the seasons.


Male Hina Height approx. 11cm Width approx. 8cm Depth approx. 3cm
Female Hina Height approx. 9cm Width approx. 4cm Depth approx. 3cm
Pedestal Depth approx. 10cm Width approx. 15cm Height approx. 1.3cm
(natural wood)
Name tag Height approx. 3cm Width approx. 2cm

【please note】
●Name engraving service is available.
●After placing your order, it will take approximately 2 weeks for it to be shipped.
note that.
●Each piece is created by hand by our designers.
●The photo was taken as close to the real thing as possible, but it may vary depending on the lighting. Also, every item, including the face, is not the same.

●Small holes (called pinballs) may form when baked at high temperatures. It cannot be avoided in pottery.
It's a ceramic expression, so I hope you enjoy including all of that.

●If you are ordering multiple items or are in a hurry, please contact us before placing your order.
We are unable to respond to urgent requests after your order has been placed.

●If you are a retailer and would like to place a large order or purchase, please send us a message.

●You can choose to have no face.
(Please see photo)
I would be happy if you could experience the beauty of manual work.

●The cat pattern includes the brand name.
If you turn it inside out, you can use it plain.
If you do not want to include the brand name, we recommend a cypress board.

Hinoki (Hinoki)
The size may vary slightly: height 2cm, width 15cm, depth 9cm.

[About Hina dolls]
It is said that the origin of hina dolls is that in the past, children often died due to disasters, so they were born as substitute dolls. Originally, they were standing dolls and were placed by children's pillows.

Over time, they began to be decorated with glittering objects, and gradually became larger and more luxurious.
However, this tendency to prefer glittering things has now become an era in which people prefer simple things by stripping away unnecessary things.
This is also a trend of the times.

Also, in modern homes, it is often difficult to display gorgeous hina dolls.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to go back to the basics and display standing dolls in your interior as dolls that wish for your child's healthy growth?

Also, there is a myth that if you don't clean up, you will miss your wedding season, so I don't think it's wrong to display the hina dolls all year round.

It would be best if your family could decide on this.

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