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Wishes come true from those who have

About Dotu

Praying at a shrine

The products of dotu are praying to the "god of opening the road" that appears in the Nihonshoki. "Michibiraki no Kami wa" is a god who guides all things in a good direction.

Please ask the beckoning cat to make a wish. We can guide you in the best way to fulfill your wishes.

It takes about 2 weeks for delivery due to build-to-order manufacturing.

After receiving an order from a customer, each piece is hand-made by our craftsmen.

You can add your company logo or personal name. Not only can you put your name on it, but you can also use it for opening celebrations and opening celebrations.

Also, recently, a pair of beckoning cats with the name of the bride and groom on them is sometimes given as a gift with the wish that happiness will descend on the couple in their future lives.

We only ship on auspicious days.

At dotu, we are very particular about auspiciousness and only ship on auspicious days.

Basically, it is one grain ten thousand times day, snake day, tiger day. There is a balance with the production time, so please contact us for details.

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Customer's voice

Mr. F (After a while after purchasing, temporary income!)

The luxury beckoning cat is cute, so I bought a pair.

Shortly after I bought it, I had an extra income of 500,000 yen.

I didn't realize it at first (laughs), but I thought, "Oh, I bought a beckoning cat!"

I just wanted it because it was cute, so I was surprised that there was such a benefit.

Mis. I (marriage has been decided!)

I bought a beckoning cat with a botanical gold coin.

Marriage of child is decided immediately after we purchase,

I even got a villa!

Is it too early to get married yet? I thought it was a lot of things, and I was surprised that it was decided so quickly.

Mis. T (Sales target achieved!)

I run a shop. I was aiming for 1 million a month, but it was just barely enough and I couldn't break through it.

When I bought a beckoning cat, it exceeded 1 million in that month and exceeded 100 in the following month.

Is it thanks to the beckoning cat? ?

I bought an additional one because it was profitable. It's now hanging in my front door.

(retro beckoning cat)

Mis. O (also for gifts for friends)

The beckoning cat is so cute that I bought one for myself, but since it has the shop logo and name on it, I also bought it as a gift for a friend.

I am very happy that they are praying at the shrine, so I am looking forward to it.







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Q I would like to give it to my friend for his birthday. Is it possible to expedite the delivery date?

A Yes. It is possible, but there is a production schedule, so I would be happy if you could consult individually from the official LINE. I would like to adjust as much as possible so that it will be in time for the important day.

Q When is the shipping date for auspicious days?

A: One grain ten thousand times day, snake day, tiger day, etc. We will propose the closest auspicious day based on the production schedule. If there is no inquiry, we will choose a lucky day around 2 weeks.

Q I would like to give it as a wedding gift.

A I think it's very nice. Many people put the names of the groom and the bride on the back of a pair of beckoning cats. Please take advantage of our name engraving service.

Q Can you gift wrap?

A Yes. Engiya dotu products are all wrapped. You can use it as a gift.