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Set of 2 pieces of salt that will bring you good luck [No need to replace for a year] [Winter limited item]

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There are some people who put a lot of salt on their plate every day.

This is not made of plastic, but solidified salt, and does not need to be replaced for a year. I have already prayed for exorcism at the shrine.

It is said that unglazed pottery is best for serving salt, and it is placed on an octagonal plate, which brings good luck.

We painted lucky charms on the pottery.

That being said, there is too much salt! It's also a way to give it that feeling. For those who think this is the case, we have a mizuhiki designer create decorations using mizuhiki, creating a design that is both stylish and suitable for Western styles.

Once you purchase it, you can choose from the next year only with Morishio, or with a set of Morishio and that year's Mizuhiki, and you can use the ceramic plate forever.

It is said that it is best to display lucky charms in January, so please try displaying them during the month.

【set content】

Octagonal plate (unglazed pottery, with pattern) ✖️2

Salt salt (used in shrine prayers) ✖️2

Mizuhiki (2023 version) ✖️2


Approximately 7cm on the diagonal of the octagon

Height of star anise with salt on top: approx. 8cm

Please note: This is a seasonal item. It will go on sale around New Year's Day. Therefore, refills of Salt Salt [replacement] will also be sold at that time.

I want to replace the salt because it broke outside of that season! I forgot to buy it! If you have any questions, please contact us from the official LINE.

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